Cookies and similar technology used by us

Ergo2Work uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data, which will be saved in your internet browser, computer, tablet, or smartphone upon the first visit on our website. Ergo2Work uses cookies with technical functionality exclusively. These allow the website to work properly and save your preferred settings. These cookies are also used to optimize our website’s functionality. In addition, we use cookies that monitor your online activities to allow us to offer customized contents and advertisements. Upon your first visit on our website, we informed you about our usage of cookies and asked for your consent to set them. You can refuse the usage and storage of cookies by changing your browser settings accordingly. Also, you can delete all previously collected information by means of these settings. On our website, third-parties can also set cookies. For example, these may be advertisers or social media services. An overview: Google analytics; function: analytical cookies to measure website visits. Retention period: 2 years.